Friday, October 20, 2006

Xevi discusses real estate in Spain

My friend Xevi studied at GW last year with me. Yesterday he made a post about real estate prices in Spain. Real estate there sounds much like I have seen in DC since moving here 5 years ago: prices are astronomical. DC is in a unique position vs. other cities due to it's small area (the city itself) and also the height restrictions. Eventually DC will probably be one large interconnected building that is 10 stories high. And rental prices will be $1000/sq ft, most likely. DC also has a unique position of having a significant portion of it's population change every 4 years (due to political changes and military rotations).

Xevi is originally from Barcelona but lives in Madrid while he is at school. He's got a blog about all the cool stuff he did while in the US, while traveling around Europe over the summer and all the hot spanish models he knows.

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