Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Six (Worthless) Excuses to not save money

This article covers some of the big excuses people give for not saving more money.

1) I don't make enough money
This is just silly.  Everyone can find small things to cut out of their life that they don't need and can save them money.  Saving just $5 a day (most of us can cut that out of our food spending) amounts to over $1500 per year.

2) I'll get around to it later.  See my post linking on compound interest.  Saving earlier means saving more, even if you stop saving later!

3) I deserve a little luxury in my life.  I've posted recently  on rewarding yourself for financial decisions.  A little luxury you deserve, but be sure you are not just spending money on the first thing that you think you want.

4) Someone else will take care of it.  FALSE.  You are responsible for your own wealth production.

5) I've saving through my 401(k).  Great!  But you can do more.

6) This item or service will pay for itself.  There are some items that will do this.  The example I've given before is books.  A book that teaches you something about making money can generate a return on investment.  Most items (that cool exhaust on your car) will never bring you any return.

Check out the article for more examples.

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