Saturday, October 21, 2006

Save Money Ideas #1

Most people don't realize how easy it is to save some money. If you tell them they can save thousands every year they won't believe you. Each day decide on something you can save money on. Ok, that's pretty general, here's what I mean; today, make a decision that saves you money over a decision you usually make.

Today's idea to save money:

When you go to starbucks get the Grande instead of the Venti.

You can save 50 cents a day (I picked this from a couple drinks). Thats $15 dollars per month and $180 dollars per year, not to mention the calorie benefits!


Anonymous said...

You're in DC and you go to Starbucks? Why not Buyindie instead? You'd probably save even more..

digerati said...

Actually I rarely drink coffee at all. When I do it is usually Starbucks because there is one downstairs from me. I like Caribous too, though mostly for their mascot.

I don't drink coffee daily because I don't see the point in spending ~$4 a day (~$80/month, ~$960/year) to do it.

Also I've found a much better way to wake up...vitamins! Check out the OPC on my health products site.

Henry said...

DC area? Sweet. Me too. I'm just outside the beltway.

Traffic is terrible out here...

-Binary Dollar