Thursday, October 19, 2006

Afraid of Making Money?

Maybe you could be more succesful if you settled some subconscious thoughts with yourself. This article by Patrick Chen discuesses some examples he has encountered with people being afraid of succeeding. They often believe they will be a different person if they have more money, or even if they simply accomplish their goals.

I have expereienced similar feelings at various points in my life. I first remember thinking I had the ability to entirely change who I was when I entered high school 9 years ago. There would be a whole new group of people to interact with.

I again experienced this thought when applying to colleges. Ultimately I choose a college far from home because I then understood that in order for me to change on my own I would need to isolate myself from influences that would restrain those changes. I ended up coming to GW (in DC) because it was far from home, but I had family nearby. I was close enough with the family here to have a good support system, but not so close as that they would interfere in my day to day life.

By essentially cutting myself loose from all expectations I was able to form my current personality. In a similar way, many people get into a rut of expectation from the people in their life. They need to realize that they can change (preferably for the better) even with onlookers. Those who don't support your reaching your goals and dreams don't need to be part of them anyway.

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