Saturday, September 23, 2006

save money at bars

Having just graduated from college I think it's appropriate to discuss bars and clubs.  I see people waste tons of money on these areas of entertainment. 
Here's how to do it right: find a bar and a club you like alot.  Go there, don't go elsewhere.  Maybe find two of each or something, the point is the same.
Most people I knew in college go out all the time.  Sometimes every night.  They go to all sorts of bars that are about the same.  For instance, in Georgetown there are 3 total dive bars within a block of each other.  They offer exactly the same thing.  PICK ONE!  Then get to know everyone who works there.  Tip them a ton at first, then a bunch, then enough.  You'll get free drinks all the time and you'll get faster service than the people who don't know the bartenders.

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