Tuesday, September 26, 2006

decide why you want to be rich

I've been doing alot of thinking on this lately.  Why do I want to be rich?  What the point of all this?  Just about everyone claims they would like to be rich (I don't believe most of them), but very few people seem to say why they want to be.  You'll get vague answers like "so I don't have to work" or "so I can buy nice things." 
If you really want to be rich you need solid goals you can get to and measure.  Not "so I can buy nice things" but "So I can buy a blue M4 coupe and a Starwalker MontBlanc pen."  The more specific you are the better you will be.  I find that it helps to maintain a list of the things that I want.  I have both an tangible and an intangible list. 
The tangible list is things like, I want a beach house in Cabo, San Jose.  Or I want a 50" Plasma TV that shows light on the wall behind it.  Some of my descriptions are so specific that they have links and pictures.  Thats good.  You have to know what you want to get it.  This also works as a Motivator.  I can see that if I only make $355 dollars over my budget this month that I can get the starwalker pen ( the rubberized fineliner one).  It doesn't matter what, but know what you want.
The intangible list i the harder one for most people.  It is easy to say the products you want, both because they are advertised to you, and because it is social acceptable to want luxury items.  Intangible lists can include things like "I really like to wake up at 9 and walk to the mall before I start work for the day."  Or "I like to take walks during lunch and watch all the people going to and from their offices."  They are things that are personal to you and generally concern the way you'd like to live your life, the things that really define quality of life for you.  These items are harder to define measurements for, and sometimes you can't do it at all.

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