Sunday, October 22, 2006

Study: Twenty-something women spend big on fashion

From National

Women ages 20-29 spend almost half (48.2 percent) of their disposable income on accessories, fashion and beauty, according to a new study from Jane magazine.

Of that, about 16 percent goes toward purchasing jewelry and watches, the study finds.

From Luxist:
many of these women are "children of the affluent baby boomers" and grew up expecting and appreciating luxury goods. 84% said that they had no problem with living beyond their budgets.
We hate to be the ones to break it to Mr. Lamadrid, but an appreciation of quality and style isn't worth all that much if you are living so far beyond your means that all of your "good taste" gets repossessed when you can't pay off your debt.

So they're spending a ton of money and not getting what they want. Good job. I love luxury items too, but pick a few and make sure you really want them. Create an identity and don't make it "the person who spends $2k a week on purses."

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