Sunday, October 01, 2006


We're in a gas crisis...yeah right.  Gas is exactly where it should be priced, we just had a huge sale for 25 years.  I've got some tips for saving money on gas.
1) Buy the right kind.  I have a BMW, it says it needs premium gas, and it does.  If I put regular in I get about 5 mpg less.  That's about 20% more gas and only about 8% less cost.  Doesn't add up.  BUT, most people don't need premium gas at all.  Get regular, it's only a few dollars each time, but it adds up.
2) Drive better.  Accelerating is not your friend.  Accelerate slowly and drive at normal speeds.  I always hate this tip because I like to drive fast.  The alternative is to get a german car that's tuned to optimal gas milage at 75 mph!!
3) In stop and go traffic drive in the right lane.  I can't find the research on this right now, but statistically the right lane not only moves faster, but also has a more consistent speed.  Consistency means better milage.
4) Get a stick shift.  I get 40 mpg in stop and go sometimes.  Why?  Because I drive stick.  The slightest downhill means I can coast down without using much gas at all.  If I leave more space before moving when going uphill then I save gas there too.  In the city I get about 22, far more than the 16 my parents get in their far newer and supposedly "more efficient" cars.  Stick beats everything except maybe the hybrids.
5) Get a smaller car.  You don't need an SUV, almost no body does.  Get the car that fits your real needs.  We've talked about this in other products (such as canned fruit!), do it with your car too. If you are the only person in your car ever (ok, sometimes two, we'll pretend you can get dates), you don't need a car that seats 7, you just don't. 
6) Stop worrying about it.  Ok this isn't really a tip on saving gas, but maybe on saving your sanity.  Let's say you spend $1500 a year on gas.  If gas prices go up 30 cent a gallan, that means your yearly cost goes up $150 or so.  That's nothing in the grand scheme of things.  Especially since you're saving all that money on othing things from making smarter decisions.  :)

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